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How it began?

We asked ourselves a question, would it not be easier if suppliers and consumers could order their products online, at a good price and pay by the methods that are easily accessible to them and have their orders delivered at their door?

Our Answer was yes, so we had to work with bigger ware houses  that enable us to ship from Cape Town, Johhanessburg, Durban and East London, so what that means is wherever you are, your order will reach you sooner than you expect.

Main Strength of Bits-N-Bytes lies in the blend of professionals, specialized and highly focused operation. Increasing customer’s awareness is the strength where it excels over its competitors. Our strength lies in our ability to blend current management practice and IT expertise into cost-effective Computer Aided Management Solutions, Products and Services. Bits-N-bytes understands the need for skill transfer to client personnel. Our offers cover the following major areas:

•        Point Of Sale and accounting systems

•        System analysis

•        CCV Installation and

•        Customized and target oriented Workflow design

•        Specialization in Client / Server and Internet / Intranet application and technologies

•        Automation of Financial Institutions, Telco-Operators, Electronic Medias & Business Institutions with the latest development.

•        Customized software development

•        Network Monitoring/ Network Management Support

•        Internet packages ADSL and Fiber

•        Wifi Extenders and Home Automation

•        Hardware at competitive price

•        Desktop maintenance and support

•        Cloud and Local Server maintenance and support

•        Enterprise-grade LAN Cabling.

•        Infrastructure Management Solution. 

•        Data Centre Operations and Service Delivery.

•        Systems Integration. 

•        Standby support

•        Web based support & solution development

•        E-business solutions

•        Data conversion & data entry

•        Overall automation consultancy

•        Graphics Design

The development team of Bits-N-Bytes is equipped with proper human resources specialized in different system development tasks. The key areas are;

                 SYSTEM ANALYSIS & DESIGN

System analysis and design team combines both functional and technical analysts. We believe to develop a proper system of which functional analysis is equally important as technical analysis.


For source code version control and multiple programmer interaction management we use GIT & Bitbucket as our source code control software.

                 DATABASE MANAGEMENT

We have database expertise ranging from ISAM or flat database systems like Microsoft Access, Visual FoxPro to robust commercial database engines like Oracle and Microsoft SQL. For web-database connectivity and cross-platform data management we also have specialized experience and expertise in My SQL database server. We also are equipped with the skillset to Administer SASAMS


Our web developers and designers are skilled in development of any size website


Our young and talented programmers have a wide range of experience in developing systems. Our programming skill involves:


Python, PHP, Java, Visual C++, Java, VB for Application (VBA) and Microsoft .Net Platform.


Python, PhP


      Java Script, VB Scripts, Css



•        WEB SERVERS:

Apache, Ngix, Shared Cpanel


      Microsoft Platform, Android and Linux/Unix

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