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Bosch Serie | 4 Freestanding Dishwasher 60 cm Stainless steel, lacquered

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| Rating: 3 / 5.0 (Votes > 1)

Bosch Serie 4 Free-Standing Dishwasher 60 CM

Glass 40°C Programme a clean and dry worth toasting.

How many times have you unloaded glasses from the dishwasher, only to find them still dirty or wet and in need of further cleaning
The new glass 40° program gently cleans glasses, even high-quality crystal glasses, while providing optimum drying and achieving a brilliant shine.
This is made possible through lower washing temperatures, an adjustment in the rinsing agent temperature, and an extended drying period.
Give your glasses the care they deserve.

VarioDrawer now your dishwasher features high-level flexibility.

Sometimes you can’t fit everything you want into your dishwasher because of its inflexible setup.
The VarioDrawer is an extra level at the top of Active water dishwashers, which solves this problem.
It is the ideal place for cutlery and smaller kitchen utensils like ladles or whisks and can even fit espresso cups.
This gives you more flexibility when loading your dishwasher and leaves more space in the bottom basket.
The cutlery basket can also be replaced by the VarioDrawer in order to create capacity for up to 14 place settings in 60cm dishwashers and 10 place settings in 45cm dishwashers.
As a result, your dishwasher will allow for more flexible and comfortable loading.

EcoSilence Drive dishwashing like you’ve never heard before.

Keeping the house clean can be difficult.
Keeping it quiet can sometimes feel impossible.
Our dishwashers with EcoSilence drive deliver high-performance cleaning with low noise emission.
Equipped with a brushless, energy-saving motor that optimally reduces friction noise
the EcoSilence drive ensures a much smoother, quieter operation.
Now you can enjoy a home that is as quiet as it is clean.

Dosage assist

The dosage assist ensures optimal cleaning results and a quieter wash.
The detergent drops out of the detergent dispenser and into a special tray on the top basket where it gets completely dissolved.

Electronic delay timer

With the electronic delay timer function, you can pre-select the program for the desired start time.
This allows you to handle your appliance conveniently, at any time during the day, during work hours, or at night. After the start of the program, a display indicates the precise remaining time.

Hygiene plus option the highest standard in hygienic cleaning.

For families with young children or allergy sufferers, an antibacterial clean can sometimes be hard to achieve.
Hygiene plus guarantees you a high standard in hygienic cleaning.
Activated alongside normal wash programs, the feature increases and sustains the rinsing temperature to up to 70°c for ten minutes to remove the remaining bacteria. A hygienic clean and peace of mind, wash after wash.

Machine care keeps your new dishwasher clean and fresh.

Helps remove grime and limescale build-up from your dishwasher to keep it clean and fresh.
We recommend using this function once a month or after every 30 wash cycles.


Stainless steel fronts with anti-fingerprint coating are permanently surface-sealed by means of special final treatment.
This protective coating makes fingerprints much more difficult to see the surface stays clean longer, is much more scratch-resistant, and is easier to clean.


Thanks to the triple rackmatic system, the height of the top basket can easily be adjusted by up to 5 cm and you can do this when it’s fully loaded.
That means even more adjustment options and thus maximum flexibility.

ActiveWater less water, less energy, better performance.

Bosch’s innovative ActiveWater technology maximizes efficiency to produce outstanding results whilst protecting the environment.
With carefully targeted water distribution, improved filter technology, faster heating, and increased pump output for more water circulation, ActiveWater dishwashers give superb results.

10-Year Rust-Through Warranty

We have developed special surface treatments and production processes that are precisely tailored to the materials used in the interior of our dishwashers.
As a result, a 10-year guarantee against rust-through of the inner cavity, from the inside out, on all our dishwashers can be offered.
This guarantee can be activated for all dishwashers purchased from 01.01.2012 onwards.


  • Capacity: 13 place settings
  • Energy Efficiency Class: A+
  • Power consumption off-mode / left-on mode: 0.1 W / 0.1 W
  • Water consumption in programme ​Eco 50: 2660 litres per year, based on 280 standard cleaning cycles.
  • Water consumption in program Eco 50: 9.5 liters
  • A-rated performance for w

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    Price (incl. tax)R7,978.86
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