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The Lamborghini Aventador inspired Electric Ride On car with Remote Control is a stunning machine with the aesthetic impact and performance worthy of any top end brand Emblem. We bring you a version of this awesome car shrunk down to kids size. It’s got all the styling of the real Aventador and your child will love piloting the new ride. The little one will enjoy a unique experience with lights, music and enviable autonomy thanks to its high capacity battery. This battery powered machine is loaded with cool features for your kid to enjoy.

Insert the key and switch on the ignition and you will hear a simulated engine roar to life. Working horn andlights allow your child to mimick the way they see you operate your own vehicle. A shift selector allows the driver to select forward or reverse. A 3.5mm audio input jack allows the child to plug in and play music from the onboard speaker. A seatbelt is also mounted so the child can buckle in. Practice safe driving habits parents! Your child will learn the same and do so in their own car! 

For maximum safety, a remote control unit is also included in each package so someone can keep watch and ensure the vehicle does not veer into dangerous situations. The vehicle will reach speeds of up to 5kph on the included battery and motor. This car is ready to ride out the box. Install AA Batteries (not included) into the remote control for parent supervision, charge the vehicle's on board battery with the included charger and your child will be ready to experience the drive.


-Suitable For children with ages ranging from 3 - 7 years

- Drives On Flat Surfaces

- Battery Operated, Continuous Fun For more than 60 Minutes

- With 10 energetic songs and MP3 input interface

- Comfortable Seat With Adjustable Safety Belt

- Foot Pedal For Acceleration

- With LED headlight

- Functions: Forward, Backward, Turn Right, Turn Left, Brake, Stop

- 2 Modes: R/C(Remote Control) And B/O(Battery Operate) Mode

- Assembly Required


Color: Red

Main Material: Plastic

Size: 115 x 63 x 48cm

Net Weight: about 14.8Kg's

Carrying Capacity: about 50Kg's

Ambient Temperature:0-40?

Speed: 2-5 Km/h

Battery: 6V 7Ah lead-acid

Charger: Input AC 220V 50Hz/Output DC 6V 500Ma

Charging Period: 18-12 Hours per use (First charge is 18 Hours - do not exceed 20 Hours as this will do permanent damage)

Motor: DC 6V 25W

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Price (incl. tax)R3,062.92
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