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| Rating: 3 / 5.0 (Votes > 1)


Fifine Ampligame USB RGB Microphone

The Fifine Ampligame USB RGB Microphone features a unique RGB design with easy-to-use controls and a pop filter. Its compact design is great to use on your desk as it doesn’t take up too much space. This makes it ideal for working areas or desk space that is limited. It connects easily to your laptop or PC via the included USB Type-C cable, which is strong enough to power the mic as well as transfer your audio signal to your connected device with ease. Its unique RGB lighting will start shining the moment you connect the Type-C port. This USB RGB microphone is great for home or studio use, with its modern and more gamer-focused design with the lighting.

The included pop filter features a thin, see-through design with a smiley face. It is good at rejecting rumbling and also works as a dust collector, which collects the dust blown from the front and keeps the mic clean. The microphone itself seems to be integrated into the shock mount, but that is not the case, it is actually clipped in place in a suspended way with rubber bands. Compared with those shock mounts that clamp on the microphone body, the suspension has better absorption of vibration noises. And the bands are so elastic and thick that they can get the mic stand up in shape and without being worn out easily.

- Fully-equipped gaming mic
- Pre-installed mount suspends noises from making their way to the mic
- Pop filter holds off plosives from blowing into the capsule
- Get that pro gamer feeling with two-tone RGB lighting
- Sound quality is playful for being deep down the lows and clear in the highs
- Tap to mute without noises, lights off to warn you of silence
- Spin to adjust input level and adjust without alt-tabbing

Specifications :

- Type: Condenser
- Polar Pattern: Cardioid
- Output Connection: USB Type-C (mic end) to type-A 2.0 (computer end)
- Power Consumption: USB power (Voltage: 4.75V-5.25V, Current: 50mA-80mA)
- Bit Rate: 16-bit/24-bit
- Sample Rate: 44.1kHz-192kHz
- Frequency Response: 60Hz-18kHz
- S/N Ratio: 1kHz?70dB
- Sensitivity: -40±3dB

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Price (incl. tax)R796.14
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