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| Rating: 3 / 5.0 (Votes > 1)


Wool dryer balls have created quite the revolution in the world of laundry! Dryer sheets and fabric softeners have been part of routine laundry protocol for a few decades now, but they have their flaws. They are made using a slew of chemicals and as a result, prove to be harmful to sensitive skin and even end up reducing the absorbency of clothes.

And here the wool dryer balls come to your rescue! They remove the shortcomings of the dryer sheets and fabric softeners, but they have two extra virtues that propel them to the top of our “favorite things” list- economical and eco-friendly.

First of all, they’re absolutely organic, made of premium quality wool. As they lack chemicals, they are hypoallergenic, unlike the fabric softeners which are pumped with fragrances and fillers.

Then these balls can be used for a really long time! The air and heat circulation they create when inside the dryer, cuts the drying time from 25-30%. And these balls last for a good 1000 loads of laundry. Thus they will bring down your electricity and fabric softener bills by a good lot!

Plus, these balls are natural softeners and leave no wrinkles after drying. Isn’t that neat?

They come with a white felt bag, so in case you use a public laundry room, you can carry your dryer balls in it!

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