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This is a process used by most ecommerce admins, this happens when you have products that you would like to sell but you do not have the capital nor storage to keep stock. So what you do is you speak to your supplier and arrange for you to list their products as if they were in your store and when the order comes in, you bill your customer, you place an order with Bits-N-Bytes, and then Bits-N-Bytes ships products to you or your customer or as specified on the order.

Bits-N-Bytes Drop Shipping

You do not need a registered company to register with us a s a drop shipper.

On our website we have highlighted Reseller and drop shipping price in red, so when you order that is the price you get when you place an order order with us.

We support xml, and csv downloads.

If you do not have a web store yet, get one now from as low as R2,500 on

Bits-N-Bytes as a Supplier

We supply computers, accessories, goods and different electronics listed on our website, you only pay the price in red. We ship all orders over R2,000 for Free and regular suppliers get a 30 Day Account.

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